Articles in the technical journals

My son John jr. and I have trained more than 1000 acupuncturists, doctors and eye-specialists around the world in eye-acupuncture.

Each month, there are articles in newspapers and magazines, as well as radio- and television broadcasts about their miracles, where they have helped an “incurable” eye-patient.

There have also been articles in technical journals written by doctors and eye-specialists. You can see excerpts of a few of these on this homepage.

In September 1998, one of the approximately 80 eye-specialists, who had learned eye-acupuncture, wrote an article, which was printed in the German medical journal THE ACUPUNCTURE DOCTOR (Der Akupunkturarzt und Auricoloterapeut). Here is an excerpt of the article, which was four pages long.

Eye-specialist dr. med Sigrun Scharf-Mayweg
– During the last four years, there has been a lot of articles in the medical journals about sensational curing of different eye-diseases with acupuncture. Diseases, that up till now have been difficult or even impossible to cure with conventional treatment.
These treatments are being done by acupuncturist John Boel and his staff in Denmark. He is devoted to treating numerous eye-diseases, that eye-specialists cannot cure. His methods of treatment have also been shown on television.
I have had the opportunity to attend one of his seminars. John Boel has until now treated many hundred patients with different sorts of eye-diseases. Out of the most common eye-diseases to be treated with eye-acupuncture, there are Agerelated Macula Degeneration (ARMD), Retinitis Pigmentosa (tunnel vision), glaucoma, bad eyesight and blindness caused by brain damages after for example car-crashes, visual difficulties caused by brain haemorrhage and embolisms. These, and many, many other eye-diseases can be improved and in some circumstances cured.
Boel does not use the classic Chinese acupuncture points. He has experimented, done research and found new acupuncture points, and with the points, that he uses now, he has achieved very good results and a considerable improvement to the classic acupuncture.
I myself have used Boels treatment in my practice during some years with great success.

My experiences

I have treated many ”incurable” eye-diseases, where there were retinal changes, with John Boels method. Almost all patients obtained an improvement after the first couple of treatments.
I have treated 50 cases of Age related Macula Degeneration – ARMD, dry and wet. The observation- and treatment-period in most cases is 2 years.
All these patients had been given up by western educated eye-specialists.
ARMD untreated will always deteriorate over time – during acupuncture treatment, I saw no deterioration.
I have also treated 12 cases of Retinitis Pigmentosa (tunnel vision). It is an eye-disease, that always leads to blindness. In all twelve cases, the deterioration stopped. After two years, three patients had the same sight as before treatments, the rest had an improvement of at lease 10% (field of vision and accuracy in the central vision).
I have used acupuncture for the last 20 years. I have of course tried to treat eye-diseases.
The results cannot be nearly as good as when you use Boel´s special eye-acupuncture.

With most serious eye-diseases, you can help the patient keep his eye-sight, which in itself is an enormous success, as many of them would otherwise loose there last bits of eye-sight. Even a bit of sight gives much better life-quality than complete blindness.