Acupuncture originates from China.

During the cultural revolution, many of the leading acupuncturists fled to Hong Kong and Taiwan.
In1993, a world congress was held in Taiwan, and I was invited to lecture. It was very interesting. Allmost like selling sand in Sahara.
Here is, what “Dagbladet” wrote about this:

Dagbladet 1993
Boel is considered an eye guru in China

– Darn, how I fealt humble in that forum, says John Boel, just returned from a big international congress for acupuncturists in Taiwan.

800 of the worlds leading acupuncturists participated. Only 15 of them were white people. John Boel was the only danish acupuncturist. He was invited to lecture on his treatment of eye diseases.

– The chinese acupuncturists have achieved fantastic results in allmost every field. One of the few areas, where they have relatively bad results, is eye problems. And of course this is the area, in which I have specialized myself. It was a great honour for me to be invited. But an odd fealing to stand and teach acupuncturists, who know considerably more about acupuncture than myself – in every field but one.

John Boel, who unlike most of the participants at the congress is not a sixth or seventh generation acupuncturist, but son of a bricklayers assistant in Lemvis, has reached the point of becoming an expert in the field of eye disease.