In mid- 1990 we were contacted by a German. He represented a satellite program on Sat 1

The program was called Schreinemachers , and he said they had approx. 15 million viewers around Europe every Thursday night . I agreed to help .

They sent a test person to Aulum . He had been examined by an eye doctor in Cologne first. After treatment, he was examined again, and when the eye doctor found that his vision was significantly better was preparing to broadcast in time .

Sat 1 had selected three eye patients that I had to deal with during the broadcast . Moreover starred a professor of ophthalmology and an ophthalmologist who need to test patients’ vision before and after the treatments.

To their great surprise , two of the subjects improved vision after the broadcast, which lasted a total of three hours.

After the broadcast we were visited by many patients from all over Europe. In addition, we got some inquiries from German-speaking doctors and acupuncturists who wanted to learn Acupuncture 2000.

German was not exactly our favorite language , so we went all in sharp training to be able to talk with patients and keep the course in Germany, Austria and Switzerland ..

John Jr. took it with language VERY seriously – he married a Swiss .