Dear Boel  family,

Great excitement – the results look good.

1) G. – age 66- left eye- no sight,

right eye –Macular degeneration.

After 3rd treatment he got up in the night and wondered who was sleeping in the room – for the first time he could see the duvet that had fallen off the bed.

2) A. – age 68 – bleeding into the eye – after 3 treatments she drove home without her Glasses.

3) W. – age 80 registered blind was already seeing bit after 8 treatments, can see the TV from a greater distance.

Best wishes A.S. + A.J.  (UK)

To whom it may concern !!!!!!


I’ve got your mail address from E.W.

Could you please forward this to the person being responsible for it.

We have been for treatment with E.W. since a couple of weeks and we are still impressed about the positive results. E.W. is doing a really perfect job and we had never expected such a success.

With many thanks

K. H.

Good morning

Id’ like to inform you that I am treated by Mrs. E. K. in since

last December. After the second treatment my Ophthalmologist, Dr. I.

H. in Switzerland, diagnosed an advancement of 10% in my “Visus”! This is a

great success and I am very happy about it.

With kind regards