Treatment of Pain

All people have felt pain at some time or other. In most cases, the pain goes away by itself after a short while. If it lasts a bit longer, you can of course always take some pain-medication. If you only do this on rare occasions, no real harm is done.

But if the pain lasts, so that it almost becomes chronic, you are on a slippery slope if you have to take medicine all the time. Because ALL medication has side-effects, and the more of it you take and the longer you take it, the worse the side-effects.

Luckily there is a method, with absolutely no side-effects, and that is Acupuncture 2000.

Here we distinguish between two kinds of pain: Chronic and acute. Most chronic pain stems from what is called rheumatic impairments. You can read about that under “RHEUMATISM”.

If the pains are not immediately treated, they can turn chronic in time.

While you treat the pain, you also remove the cause, as the acupuncture needle stimulates the hormone producing glands to release different chemical substances that immediately start the healing process.

With Acupuncture 2000 we help more than 85% of all pain-patients – either alleviating or complety curing the patient of the pain – whatever he/she is suffering from: Headache/migraine, sinusitis or frontal sinusitis, pains in the facial nerves, tennis elbow, frozen shoulder, shingles, pushed/broken ribs, crick in the neck or in the back, other backpain, sciatica, musclecramps, all kinds of rheumatism, menstruation cramps, stomachache, inflammation of the synovial sheath, over-exertion of the muscles, cramps, sprains and broken bones (you can make the fracture heal much faster), calcification in the legs (bad circulation) or calcification of the coronary artery (Angina Pectoris), in short: almost all diseases, which cause pain.

You cannot cure cancer with Acupuncture 2000, but in most cases you can alleviate or completely remove the pain.

There are many reasons for being in pain. We won´t go further into that here, as it doesn´t mean anything for the success of the treatment with Acupuncture 2000.

By feeling on the skin, around the joints, a specially trained acupuncturist can feel, how he/she must treat the problem – whatever the cause of the pain.