John Boel Junior is among the very best acupuncturists – it tells his good patient outcomes

RAB registered

Acupuncturists at Boel Acupuncture is Registered Alternative Practitioners – called RAB registered – in Danish Acupuncture Union: www.dau.dk

Acupuncture in 2000 renamed Acunova

Acupuncture 2000 is a good name to become known in the health care industry in 50 countries.

Unfortunately there is a downside to the name : People often confuse Acupuncture 2000 Chinese Acupuncture . It is quite understandable as Chinese Acupuncture has been around for several thousand years.

We must therefore explain that Acupuncture 2000, a modern form of acupuncture that works differently than Chinese Acupuncture, etc. etc. etc.

A name change is not just something you just do from day to day – it takes a lot of preparation and a long transition period . Therefore, we begin slowly , and we have set the next year of the process.

www.tilsted.com in Holstebro has created a logo for the new name with a slogan as both “old” and new patients understand what it is all about. You can see it over the image .

With the new logo we signal that it is about a new treatment, which is a leader in modern acupuncture.

Denmark’s largest

Boel Acupuncture is a family company with six employees.

We have clinics on the edge of the Jutland heath, and in the heart of Copenhagen , and are specialists in the treatment of:


All kinds of pain – for whatever reason

Blind and visually impaired

We have treated more than 7,000 eye patients since 1987 and has written four books on our eye care

Sports Injuries

Most sports injuries can be treated as sports woman / man is back in action within a week!


Many arthritis patients can significantly improve their lives .

” Chronic ” diseases

Does the doctor said : “You need to learn to live with ” – we have countless examples where it is not always correct. By clicking the link above picture , you get detailed information about your options.