Two weeks better than one

As I write this it is about 15 years ago that I treated our first eye patient.
It has been interesting times with ups and downs.
In the beginning, we treated eye patients once a day, but inspired by research into pain in America, where they obtained better results with two daily treatments with at least an hour in between, we also tried this out when treating eye patients. It gave better results, so it became part of standard treatment.
In the beginning it became a habit to treat eye patients twice a day for a week. When we were starting up the pilot project (the research), I decided to try with two weeks of intensive treatment instead of one.
The results show, that two weeks of intensive treatments gave dramatically better results than only one week. Out of the 27 subjects, 19 had their sight improved by more than 15%. Measuring the sight once a week during the research showed, that five patients, who did not have an improvement of their sight after the first week, improved their sight with more than 15% after the second week. Nine patients, who had an improved sight after one week further, improved their sight after two weeks. Only four patients, who improved their sight after one week did not have any further improvement after the second week.
With such overwhelming documentation it is obvious, that we in the future will start off with two weeks of intensive treatments. Anything else would be unethical.