What do the patients say

A situation that I probably never will get used to is when one of our eye care patients’ sight does not improve. Everybody at our clinic is saddened when there is a patient that we cannot help. On a positive note, most ARMD patients, whose sight does not improve, ex-perience that their reduction in sight stagnates.

Even though it is becoming an everyday occurrence that one of our ARMD patients experiences improved vision, everybody at our clinic is still filled with joy. I would like to share some of the statements from a few of our ARMD patients.

One of our most remarkable experiences was with Musse, an 84 years old ARMD patient.
Her vision was very poor: 5% in the left eye and 10% in the right eye. Musse often experienced that she ”saw” things that were not there. Like many other ARMD patients she also saw all straight lines as being crooked and curved.

As with all of our ARMD patients, the first treatment lasted ½ hour. After an hours break she was ready for her second treatment. As she lay on the couch she said in a broad dialect, “I see that you have had your ceiling repaired.” The curved and crooked lines were gone after one treatment. That was in 2001 and she still sees straight lines. She no longer sees things that are not there.
Her vision has improved to 25% in her left eye and almost 50% in her right eye.