Does the improvement last

Can you prevent the future onset of ARMD?

Helga has ARMD. In 1990 when we started treatment, she was almost blind in her left eye and her right eye was also afflicted. Treatment began with twice daily treat-ments and gradually increased to longer periods be-tween treatments. Today Helga visits our clinic once a month. There is still poor vision in her left eye, but vision in her right eye has improved to almost 100% normal.
Helga’s sight has declined a few times since we started treatment, but we then intensify treatment to twice daily for a period of time and her sight becomes good again.

We have several patients with nearly identical problems as experienced by Helga. By coming once a month, or intensifying treatment to twice daily, a couple of times a year, we are able to maintain these patients improvement in sight as accomplished during their early progress.

It is possible to hold ARMD at bay.

I once spoke with one of our students, who is an eye specialist in Germany, about this and she said, that it was incredible because every eye specialist knows, that when one eye is afflicted with ARMD then the other eye follows soon after. Patients with this condition generally lose their central vision, which is to say the ability to read and recognize others when they meet them in the street (vision is distorted, but patients are not quite blind from that type of ARMD).

She thinks that it is remarkable ARMD can be improved in most cases and is looking forward to spreading the word .