The history behind the eye acupuncture

Traditional Chinese acupuncture has less than 10% results with eye diseases

Many years ago I watched one of my study-colleagues acupuncturist Freddy Dahlgren treat an Indian doctor at a congress in Copenhagen. The female doctor suffered from glaucoma, and had very bad sight. Freddy treated a point under each foot, and after approximately ½ time, the doctor came back. She was weeping with joy, because she was now able to see much better. It was an unforgettable experience.

When I came back to the clinic the following Monday, we had a visit from a 77 year old lady, who had been completely blind for 4 years. I tried to remember, what Freddy had done and inserted a needle into the foot in approximately the same place.

After about ½ an hour, she could see. The rumour of it spread like wildfire, as papers, weekly magazines and radio published stories of the event.

As a result, we had quite a lot of eye patients in the clinic. In the beginning, I used the same point on these patients, and I found out, that there was about 30% results, which was good considering that there is under 10% results with classic Chinese acupuncture on incurable eye diseases. However, I did not find this satisfactory, because we had about 80% results with other diseases. The following years, I spent extremely much time on research into new methods in order to obtain better results.

Each month, I tried out a new point on the patients, and when the month was over, we assessed whether the result was better than the previous month. If this were the case, I would treat the new point. If the result was the same as the previous month, I would try a new point the next month and then another point and so on.

This caused an increase in the results of about 60%.

It has been extremely fascinating to tread upon an untrodden path. At times we obtained results, that by the press were described as miracles, for example with an eye disease, which is considered incurable by eye specialists world wide; Tunnel vision, or in Latin: Retinis Pigmentosa. About 12 years ago, we treated a boy from Norway, who suffers from tunnel vision. He was actually blind, because he from a meters distance could only see an area the size of another persons eye – a field of vision less than two degrees. Klaus is now studying law at the university of Bergen, and his field of vision is now more than 50 degrees. Seven eye specialists examined him, because they thought, that the diagnosis had been wrong. It was not.

Then came the advent of Acupuncture 2000. We don’t know yet, how much it has improved the results, but we have witnessed some dramatic improvements.

The results apply to all eye diseases. There are more than 10.000 different eye diseases. That does not mean, that we can cure 70% of all eye patients. In the most cases, we can improve sight more or less. This means that we can help about 70% of all the blind and visually impaired, no matter what eye disease the patient is suffering from.

Throughout this whole period, there has been a lot of mention of our eye treatment. I have given a lecture in China (Tai Wan), to 800 Chinese acupuncturists, who were extremely enthusiastic. I have done a German television programme with several million viewers. During the broadcast, I treated three eye patients. Two eye specialists tested them before and after the treatment, and to their big surprise, two of the test-persons had increased sight after the programme, which lasted 3 hours.

My son John jr. and I have done courses, teaching my method to a little more than 1000 colleagues from Norway, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, England and one from Belgium and one from the United States.

Eye specialists south of the border have been very positive, as about 60 of these students are eye specialists, and about 300 of them doctors. Some of them have written me personal letters, others have written articles in scientific journals about my treatment.

One of our first students in Germany is a doctor. He has written a book about the treatment of eye patients by my method.

It fills me with tremendous joy, but I also feel very humble, when I think about the fact, that every day around Europe, hundreds of eye patients are treated by my method. Even though the authorities in Denmark say, that it cannot be done.

It is also a phenomenal experience to receive letters from eye patients from all over the world, for example Daniela from Austria, who had been blind all her life (30 years).

Our eye treatment has gotten a lot of good press. There has been an enormous amount of articles, both in Danish and foreign newspapers and magazines. Here is a photo of the articles.