German doctors about eye-acupuncture

As before mentioned, I have trained many foreign doctors, eye-specialists and acupuncturists in eye-acupuncture. I asked some of these to keep a statistic over the treatment for a period of time. The following is therefore not scientific research, but just examples from everyday life.

Here is the result.
The test comprise of 256 eye patients in all,
who all had been given up by the eye-specialists.
The patients were treated in the period from the 4th of August to the 2nd of January.
Everybody was only treated with the special eye-acupuncture.
The results were, that some of the patients had minor improvement of the sight, while others had a dramatic improvement of their sight.
The numbers give the improvement of sight in percentage.


Average improvement of sight
ARMD was the largest single group, as they were about 80% of all the patients. Improvement: 10 – 90%.
Of other treated eyediseases, we can mention:
Glaucoma: 30 – 55%.
Bleeding of the retina: 3 patients, improvement of vision up to 17 times (from 5 up till 90%).
Diabetic retinopathy (diabetes eyes): 15 – 42% .
Retinitis Pigmentosa (tunnel vision): 6 – 16% .
Unclear vitreous body: 10 – 40%.
Infection of the optic nerve: 1 patient, improvement 50%.
Infection of the retina: 20 – 60%.
Perforation of the cornea, 1 patient: from no vision to 60% vision.
Double vision, 1 patient: fully OK after treatment.
Nightblindness, 1 patient: from 70% vision to normal vision.                                                                                Loosening of the retina: 6 – 16% .
Problems with the optic nerve: 3 patients, improvement of vision; for one patient from no vision to 45% vision. The two others can read without difficulty.
Cerebral haemorrhage and cerebral thrombosis: About 80% of the patients big improvement in sight.
Brain damage after for example car-crash: 80% had dramatic improvements.
Other eye-disease: 5 patients had improved sight.

Even though this is not a scientific examination, it is quite thought provoking. 256 patients were given up by the eye-specialists. They had all been told, that there was nothing to do. But they had their sight improved with eye-acupuncture.
Without eye-acupuncture, most of them would now still be almost blind.