What is the cost of the treatment

In Scandinavia, we are not used to paying for treatment. Of course, we pay for treatment at the doctor’s office and in the hospital, but it is done through the taxes.
In Germany and Switzerland about half of the cost is covered by the sick-benefit-association for our treatments. Sadly enough, the Danish sick-benefit-association Denmark does not pay any part of our treatments.

Our fee is 425 kroner for each treatment.
We start with two weeks of intensive treatments – two treatments a day. If the patient lives close by the clinic, we follow up by treating him/her one day a week for a period of time, and after that, every second week and finally once a month.
If the patient lives far away, maybe in another country, we give treatment in intensive series of one or two weeks – according to need.
I would like to make it clear, that there is no guarantee for the effect – sometimes, the results are remarkable, and sometimes there is no betterment after the treatments.

We now know, that intensive treatment is absolutely the best thing, and experience shows, that continued treatment is necessary for keep the improvement – or stop remission.
Research done by one of my students, eye-specialist Sigrun Scharf-Mayweg MD, has shown, that although ARMD patients do not have an improvement in sight, there is a very good chance, that they will not have any decline if they receive further treatment.
Here is a little excerpt of dr. Scharf-Maywegs article in the ”Acupuncturist”:
– I have among many others treated 50 cases of ARMD (calcification of the eye), dry and wet form. The observation- and treatment-period was in most cases 2 years.
All these patients had been given up by western educated eye-specialists.
ARMD will always get worse and worse if not treated – with acupuncture treatment, I never saw any deterioration.
(A bigger excerpt of dr. Scharf-Maywegs article can be found under ”Experiences of an eye-specialist”).