Treatment of the blind and the visually impaired

Since 1987, we have treated more than 6000 eye-patients suffering from many different eye- diseases.

As eye-sight is one of the most important of all our senses, the treatment of incurable eye-diseases got the attention of the press. There has been more than 200 articles printed in newspapers and magazines and more than a hundred radio- and television-programmes – both in Denmark and in the world at large – about our treatments of the blind and the visually impaired.

Here is an excerpt from Herning Folkeblad (a Danish newspaper) from 2003:

Acupuncturist John Boel from Aulum is probably on his way to obtaining scientific results to prove news, which might save the eye-sight of millions of people.

ARMD – Age Related Macular Degeneration is the greatest cause of blindness in the Western world.

But now John Boel believes that it is possible to treat the disease – and with such good results that he has chosen to go public about this.

Afflicts the elderly

It is quite simply a method that can help the elderly afflicted by calcification of the eye (ARMD)

In all European countries – and in the United States – millions of dollars are spent in the attempt to find an effective treatment. In spite of this, science has no treatment to offer patients suffering from ARMD (the so-called dry form of ARMD).

John Boel has just completed a pilot-project with 27 patients – treating this “incurable” diseases with amazing results.

In the best group, 80% of the test-patients obtained an improvement of their sight of 15% to 40%. The average improvement of sight was 27%.

The research documents that it is possible to improve the sight of many patients suffering from ARMD using intensive AcuNova acupuncture treatments. It is not a cure of ARMD but a considerable improvement in eyesight, says John Boel.

Must be scientific

The treatment used on the group showing the best results will of course be used on ARMD-patients – and other eye-patients – in the future.

Experiences from eye-clinics in several European countries show that the results with ARMD-patients can be obtained in other eye-patients as well.

The research has been published on the Internet.

Here is further information about the possibilities for ARMD-patients – also an article written by an eye-specialist, who did a study of 50 ARMD-patients.

There is also an article from the Austrian Medical Journal by a doctor, who was treated for ARMD using this new method.

Books about Acupuncture 2000

All this has been described in the book “The Medicine of the Future”, which has been translated into English. Here, you can read about ARMD other “incurable” eye-diseases. You can also find out what you can do in order to improve your sight. To obtain a copy of the book click here.