We are helping with any accommodation for patients who want the option. Please call in advance. Thank you


Hotel or Private


Boel Acupuncture has patients from all over the world.

Some of these patients who come from afar, preferring to stay at the hotel, while others want to stay in the more intimate forms.

You can rent a single or double room in the guest house / patient house.

Prices per day for room with:

Shower / WC in the corridor: 300, –

Shower / WC in the room: DKK 400, –

Family house with 4 beds: DKK 500, –

The rooms are located in a completely renovated building, located a minute walk from the clinic.

You can even cook in the kitchen, reside in a common TV room or in the garden in summer.

Since there is great demand for the rooms, it is necessary to book the room in advance if you want to stay in the patient’s house.

You can also stay at the Hotel Aulum Inn, located just opposite the railway station, 15 minutes walk from the clinic.