The Norwegian Press

The Norwegian press has been very interested in eye acupuncture treatment.
Se og Hør”, Daily Newspaper in Norway, 1988.

As far back as 1988, in Norway, an article about 77 years old Kirsten was printed. She had been completely blind for 4 years, but regained her sight with eye acupuncture treatment.
The then very young skiing champion, Anita Moen, read the article with great interest. Her father had gone blind because of the “incurable” eye disease Retinitis Pigmentosa (tunnel vision). Before treatment her father was only able to see one eye when looking at a person from a distance of 1 meter. Everything else was darkness. After two weeks of stimulation with eye acupuncture treatment, at the same distance, he could now see a whole face. Sigmund Moen continues after treatment in Denmark twice a year and his field of vision is continued improved.

As Sigmund is the first Retinitis Pigmentosa patient in the world, who has dramatically improved his vision, the press was very interested in his story. The following are excerpts from the many articles, which have been printed about Sigmund Moen.

Norsk Ukeblad
-“Now I can see your features. When I first came to Aulum, your head was a blurred ball.” Kristine Sævik, 72, is smiling broadly at acupuncturist John Boel. He has put needles in hands and legs and for the first time in many years, she can glimpse details.
“But you are good looking”, she says teasingly to John Boel. Kristine has invited her daughter Gunn to accompany her to Denmark. The trip to Aulum is her last hope. In 1982, she became blind in one eye. Three years later, the other eye began deteriorating. Since then, she has only been able to dream about reading the newspaper, knitting or sewing. “I had read about Boel in a Norwegian magazine”, says Kristine. “My vision deteriorated because of bursted blood vessels. I have gone through two treatments a day for the past week. Before I could only see people’s legs, the rest was foggy and unclear. Now I can see the whole picture again”, says Kristine and smiles.

-Ragnhild, an 89 year old victim of ARMD from Oslo, has also chosen to let her path cross John Boel’s acupuncture clinic in Aulum. The results have not been any less exciting. When she arrived at the clinic on Sunday she was able to read the upper line of the sight board. After 4 days of eye acupuncture treatment she is now able to read the top 4 lines from a distance of 6 meters. With needles in her hands and feet Ragnhild says, “John Boel is an angel.”