The German Press

I have chosen to include one of the many articles that have been in the German media concerning eye acupuncture treatment. The following article illustrates the story of an ARMD patient whose treatment had been given up by physicians and specialists.

“Bad Salzungen”, German Daily Newspaper in Meininger and Suhl, July 11, 1995.

Acupuncture restored the sight of a 74 year old man.
An elderly man regained 30% of his sight, after acupuncture treatment in Denmark.

During the spring of 1994, the sight of 74 year old pensioner Bruno Joecks was drastically deteriorated. By the end of 1994 physicians had ascertained that his sight was reduced to 10% and he was left with the prospect of going completely blind.

In the hope of finding a cure for his suffering, Bruno sought the opinion of 6 specialists in the Bad Salzungen, Meiningen and Suhl areas of Germany.

After thorough examination, the resounding diagnosis by all specialists in Thüringen and the surrounding area was a lack of circulation in vision cells (ARMD). The same specialists concluded that they were unable to help him.

Through mere coincidence a good friend of Bruno Joecks’ saw a newspaper article that told about an acupuncturist in Denmark, who could give the blind their sight back. The patient stories about Danish acupuncturist, John Boel, were very interesting because they gave examples of people, who via acupuncture had regained their sight. The friend was at first sceptical, but the more she considered the possibilities and broached the topic with Bruno Joecks, the more determined they became about contacting this specialist.

That was in July 1995, and shortly after they corresponded. In Bruno Joecks’ own words,
“I really did not need much deliberation, before I made the decision of trying this treatment; for me, it was certainly the last chance of ever being able to even see a little!”

In the hope of success, the dauntless pensioner accompanied by his former work colleague, travelled to Denmark, where he from September 4th until the 9th of 1995 underwent treatment.

Bruno Joecks received ten treatments with acupuncture. Twice a day, 8 needles were inserted in various stimulation areas of the body. After his last treatment with acupuncture Bruno Joecks was tested on a standard sight board and to his delight, he discovered that he could distinguish letters and symbols. From a distance of 6 meters, he was now able to read the top 4 lines. Bruno Joecks could hardly believe his good fortune and described the feeling as being one of the greatest joys he had experienced in his life.

For the elderly gentleman, having regained 30% of his sight is a fabulous gain and a new start on life. He can cook and go for walks with his friends.

With prospects of further gain in sight, Bruno Joecks journeyed once again to Denmark the spring of the following year. The following anecdote demonstrates the follow up success of his treatment.

At the end of his stay at the Danish acupuncture clinic, an interesting thing took place.
On the third night of his stay, there were two card players looking for a third man, and they asked Bruno Joecks. He answered, that he was not able to see the cards very well. When Joecks finally gave in after several requests, he could not believe his own eyes. He could see each and every card. Bruno Joecks would like to thank everybody who helped him defeat his destiny as a blind person and thus give him new meaning in life.