The Danish press

Through the years, there have been about 25 articles in magazines in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Germany about eye-acupuncture. Also all the big newspapers have printed articles about our work.

Most of the leading magazines have also been there. In Denmark, there has been – as I recall it – articles in Familie Journalen, Hjemmet, Se og Hør, Hendes Verden, Ude og Hjemme, Femina and Her og NU?

Here are a few excerpts:

Familie Journalen

In the year of 1986, Inge (52) started to loose her sight because of calcification of the eye, which yearly strikes about 10.000 people. The former nurse was sad. Of course she knew, that her birth certificate was not exactly shining new, but it wasn’t as if she was an old hag. Did she really have to go blind at an age of 52? Wasn’t it enough, that she suffered from constant pain after four times of slipped discs and two spinal fractures?

Inge placed a phone call to acupuncturist John Boel and started her treatments. After a couple of months, Inge says: I simply feel, that I am born again. For 21 years, I depended on pain medication – today, I don’t use any painkillers at all.

And the prescription eyeglasses have been put away. My sight is now almost back to normal.

– Johannes (79), who suffered from dual vision and calcification of the eyes, is one of the hundreds of people, who has been helped by acupuncturist John Boel in Aulum.

It is nothing less than a miracle. After very few treatments with acupuncture, I can now see so much, that I can read the paper and watch television. I can enjoy the colours of nature, and I no longer have to settle for the sounds. It is, as if I have been born anew.

Johannes had tried to prepare himself for living out his retirement as a blind person. In just a few years, his sight had become so impaired, that he had trouble getting by without help. His daily bikerides became strolls with a companion, but the worst thing for him was, that he could not fully enjoy nature: The colours, the flowers, the birds……

John Boel has become a specialist in helping people with eye diseases, among other things the elderly, who have been stricken by calcification of the eye, glaucoma, after-effects from accidents or blows, after-effects from cerebral haemorrhages, tunnel vision, strokes in the eye etc.

But there is regrettably also people, that I can not help, says John Boel.