Dr Tan treated with AcuNova acupuncture at Boel Acupuncture



By John Boel Jr.

One of my heroes in the field of acupuncture is Dr Tan. He comes from Taiwan but now lives in the United States.

Even though he is one of the worlds best acupunturists, he can also get problems with his body.

Acupuncture was in the old days, a fairly simple craft, but over the last few thousand years has become a very complex and almost mystical study.

Dr Tan is nothing less than brilliant; he has dedicated his life to bringing acupuncture back to its original simpler form, and is probably the best-known acupuncturist among acupuncturists in the world. You can read more about Dr Tan here: www.drtanshow.com

Dr Tan is an older gentleman and has developed a physical body-problem that traditional Chinese acupuncture haven't been able to cure. But what do you do then? Of course the obvious choice is to see Boel Acupuncture in Denmark for treatment by John Boel with the latest modern AcuNova acupuncture.

Above you see John Boel Snr treat Dr Tan while his assistant observing interested.

Acunova acupuncture is a technique which has been found particularly effective to problems with the sense organs (eye disease, hearing loss, etc.), and pain. If you are interested in learning Acunova, click here.

If you want to know whether Acunova can help you, go to www.acunova.dk or contact us here.