Seminars in Acupuncture 2000

The wellknown danish humorist Storm P once said: ”It´s hard to predict – especially about the future”.

If anyone, in the end of the 1990ies had predicted that Acupuncture 2000 in a few years would change the lives of thousands of people, he would probably have been met with suspicion and maybe even scorn.

But that is exactely what happened. Thousands of patients have benefitted from this new healthsystem. They have been treated by the hundreds of alternative practitioners, acupuncturists, physiotherapists medical doctors and opthalmologists all around Europe who have been trained in Acupuncture 2000/AcuNova.

Very effective for treatment of pain

Among other things it is because Acupuncture 2000/ AcuNova, works twice as fast in the treatment of pain than Chinese Acupuncture. This was documented, when 6 clinics treated people with whiplash with different methods of acupuncture.

We get letters from colleagues every week telling us about fantastic results they have obtained using Acupuncture 2000/AcuNova on patients they and others had given up upon before.

A good example was a famous footballplayer with a long term ancle-injury, that doctors, physiotherapists and the acupuncturist could not heal. He received one treatment at a course in Oslo and the day after he played a match and even scored the only goal.


Weekend Courses

We hold courses all over Europe.

The next one in English will be held in Copenhagen (DK) May 31th – Juni 2nd 2013.

The program of these courses is as follows:


Acupuncture 2000/AcuNova theory and background

Acupuncture 2000/AcuNova “diagnosis”

Treatment with a pen or a knitting needle

Treatment with acupuncture needles

Special needle technique, theory

Special needle technique, practice


Treatment of pain, theory

Treatment of pain, practice

Treatment of sports injuries

Treatment of acute problems

Treatment of chronical problems


Treatment of eye diseases


Among other things, you learn to remove pain within minutes. As Acupuncture 2000 /AcuNova works through the brain there are no therapy blocks.

We offer our students to bring a patient they couldn’t help so far to get a free treatment on the seminar. Most of these pain-patients have tried “everything under the sun” – without result. Here we are talking about really severe cases, such as a slipped disc.

The treatment is given during the course, and many colleagues invite an eye patient with a degenerative eye disease to come along.

Since we put this into practice, I have treated 82 of these pain patients and 30 eye patients, who could not be helped with any other form of medical or alternative treatment.

The result has been surprising, if not to say shocking. Untill now there have only been 6 pain patients (out of the 82), who haven´t obtained a considerable betterment in their conditinion. I think the results speak for themselves.

There are no prerequisites for our Acupuncture 2000/AcuNova courses.


The Seminar fee is EUR 750.-

You can get more information or enroll by sending an e-mail to: