Books by John Boel

AcuNovas founder, John Boel, has so far written three books:

” THE FUTURE OF MEDICINE ” – Push yourself healthy with Acupuncture 2000, basically a self-help book.

You can read about half of the book on the Internet :

www.fremtidens – medicin.dk

My own Publishers . ISBN: 87-988852-1-9

The book has 101 pages and costs 125 kroner.

Price Abroad: EUR 125, – plus postage

THE FUTURE OF MEDICINE is printed in 13,000 copies and so far translated into English, German, Swedish and Italian.

” Look good ” is a book that tells about the treatment of eye diseases. It is also a textbook of eye exercises . That instruction in what an eye patient can do to strengthen the eyes.

In addition, the book explains in an easily accessible way how the eye works , as well as about the most common eye diseases.

The book is 190 pages. It consists of 19 chapters and is 200 pounds.

My own Publishers . ISBN No. 87-988852-0-0

The book’s website :


If your bookstore does not have the books , you can order them by sending an email to:

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