Retinitis Pigmentosa Research

During the latest years, we have had several hundred eye patients from german-speaking countries. We have also trained more than 700 acupuncturists, doctors and eye specialists in the Boel Acupuncture method of treating "incurable" eye diseases.

Now a university in Austria has used acupuncture in Retinitis Pigmentosa research. We have in the last years treated quite a lot of patients with Retinitis Pigmentosa.

This is an extract from an article from Austria:


Scientific Research: The university eye clinic Graz, Austria and Biomedical tecnical university clinic, Graz

The purpose of this study was to examine, whether acupuncture is an effective treatment of eye disease. In the litterature, there are up till now only a few bits of information.

Patients and method

All in all, 14 eyes on 7 patients with retinitis pigmentosa were examined. Five women, 2 men. The average age was 28.0+-9.3 years (19 – 42 years).

Methods of examination

(warning: It can be rather brutal to keep up with the scientific explanations:).

Simultaneous with comprehensive opthamologic (eye specialist) examinations, comprising an examination of field of vision with an apparatus called the Goldmann perimetre and the recording of the electro oculogram (eog) , also the computercontrolled acupuncture ® (cca) was used with 5 patients. Amongst other things, measurements of the circulation was registered in A. opthalmica and A. supratrochlearis before, during and after an acupuncture treatment.

Statistic Analysis

The statistic analysis (Mann-Whitney Rank Sum Test) was done with the program SigmaStat. As a level of significance,  p < O. 05 (SD = standard deviation, SE = standard error) was chosen.


The results of CCA® showed an average increase of the average speed of bloodflow of 47% i A. ophtalmica and of 56% in A. supratrochlearis during acupuncture. The picture shows the bloodflow profiles of A. cerebri media (MCA) and of A. ophtalmica (OA) and the average flow-speeds vm during the fase of measuring acupuncture points.

(The CCA® measurements were supported by the federal ministry for science).

Specific changes of speed of circulation after acupuncture. Among other things specific increases of vm in A ophtalmica (OA) shortly after the start of the acupuncture.


Acupuncture treatment of patients suffering from Retinitis Pigmentosa affected the vertical and horizontal field of vision diameter in 11 out of 14 eyes bringing a considerable increase in field of vision.

During some of the treatments, there were also a marked increase og speed of circulation in A. ophtalmica and A. supratrochlearis, which coold be proved by new biomedical technical constructions and the transcranial dopplersonography.


Acupuncture could in the time to come be considered a possible objective therapeutic method on patients suffering from Retinitis Pigmentosa.

JB: It is good, when science shows the same results as our practical work during the latest years have documented; that "incurable" eye diseases like Retinitis Pigmentosa and Macula Degeneration can be treted successfully with acupuncture.

Here you can see a short video of one of our patients describing what AcuNova Acupuncture has done for him.